physiokey explained

Physiokey is a breakthrough in pain relief technology.


Physiokey quickly and effectively treats acute and chronic pain conditions, increases range of movement and promotes faster healing.  Unlike other types of pain relief equipment e.g. TENS which provides temporary relief by blocking pain signals, Physiokey triggers the brain to release Endorphins, the body's own natural and powerful pain relieving substance into the bloodstream and switches on the body's natural healing mechanisms.

Physiokey is a small hand held device which is placed on the skin and stimulates the nervous system.

To understand how the Physiokey works, first we need to understand pain and how the brain and nervous system work.

Physiokey medication free pain relief device

The command centre of the body.

  • It contains about 86 billion nerve cells (neurons), the "grey matter"

  • It has billions of nerve fibres (axon and dendrites), the "white matter".

  • Sends messages via the nervous system at approximately 180mph!

the brain

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the nervous system

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Comprised of:

  • Brain

  • Spinal cord

  • Nerves

The nervous system is made up of the Central Nervous System (the brain and spinal cord, which are the interpretation and command centre's) and the Peripheral Nervous System, which are all the nerves leading from the brain and spinal cord (the transmission network).

Over 90,000 mile of sensations - The nervous system allows our bodies to perceive sensations, to think and to perform all of our movements, both voluntary and in voluntary.  The diagram shows how the brain is linked to every part of our body via the network of nerves.

why do we suffer with pain?

When the brain  (the command centre for the whole body) continually receives the same message it "switches off" as anyone would if they are being nagged!

When the brain stops listening to the pain messages this will normally lead to a chronic pain condition.

The brain will continue to ignore the messages which in turn leads to increased symptoms of the chronic pain

The Physiokey is placed on the skin a impulse interacts with the nervous system, sending messages to the brain. 


The brain acknowledges the messages and "scans" the body for any problems/issues/ailments/disease and puts any findings into an "action list".


Like all of us when faced with a list of tasks, we tend to start with the easiest and fastest first, and the brain is no different.


The brain starts the natural healing process as soon as possible, by releasing healing chemicals.  As the body reacts the Physiokey picks up on changes and alters its frequencies, basically always staying one step ahead so a continual dialogue with the brain is effective. This is biofeedback regulation, a unique attribute of Physiokey.

how physiokey works

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Once the Physiokey has been used during the treatment session the actual effect of the Physiokey will continue for several hours.  You may feel tired or full of energy, symptoms can temporarily get worse before getting better, you may cough, sneeze, belch, pass wind, sleep or have a little cry.  This is the body releasing unwanted toxins and adapting to the brain actively working to heal the body.

All of the above is normal.  Basically, the Physiokey has "rebooted" the brain to respond and take action when receiving previously ignored messages.

Pain is not only physical.  There is ONE part of the brain that deals with ALL pain, be it physical, mental, emotional etc.  Physiokey can help the body to deal with all the different types of pain and this is why at times after treatments you may feel a little emotional.  It is a good release.

There are many ways Physiokey can be used together with a variety of settings.  This is where, as a qualified practitioner, I use my expertise to decide which treatments you would best benefit from.

Your whole body benefits from the treatments, not just your physical body but also your mental thought processing.  Many clients have reported an increase in concentration, being better able to cope with difficult situations, a decrease in anxiety and much stronger sensation of overall well-being in addition to resolving the problem they first presented with.

For more information please take a look at the frequently asked questions page.

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