Paul, your therapist

Paul your therapist

As your therapist my aim is to reduce your pain and increase your mobility as efficiently and as quickly as possible.

Treatments may prove beneficial to patients of all ages suffering a wide range of symptoms be it acute pain (injury), chronic pain (over 3 months) or post-operative healing.

As a sufferer of Fibromyalgia and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), I found a “game changing” treatment called Physiokey.

Physiokey reduced my symptoms immediately and overtime significantly improved my life, wellbeing, and general health.

You can read more about my journey with Fibro and Physiokey.

my approach to treatments


My approach to treatments is very simple, I work on balancing the whole body in addition to relieving pain.

I will always treat the pain you are suffering from first, however, I believe to ensure longevity of healing and to maximise the benefits of treatments a well rounded combination of specific and general treatments are needed.

We often unknowing learn to accommodate pain, making subtle changes to what or how we do things.  For example, if you suffer with arm pain you might raise your shoulder more to accommodate the lack of movement, over a short time period this could cause other issues in the neck, upper back etc.

I believe I would not be helping you to the best of my ability if I only worked on the immediate area of pain.  Taking a whole body (holistic) approach will ultimately help you more.

Treatment at Arc Wellbeing are relaxing and rejuvenating

I have made every effort to make the treatment room as comfortable and relaxing as possible.  Your time with me is an opportunity to put yourself first, something we do not often do.

Clients have described their time with me as "their sanctuary".  I put this down to the environment, the treatments and the holistic approach I take.

Treatments are more than relieving pain, they are a time for your own indulgence, relaxation and space from the business of day to day living.

My journey with Fibro and Physiokey


"There is no question in my mind Physiokey changed my life.  It is a dramatic statement, but one of truth."


For years I have suffered with Fibromyalgia and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), for over 23 years I have suffered with depression and sever IBS. 


In 2016 I exhausted all options to successfully manage the Fibromyalgia and ME through the NHS having completed a 10-week pain management programme, had regular therapy with a pain psychologist, almost weekly visits to my GP in the early months to review pain medications and try new ones to reduce the severity of the symptoms.


Nothing worked for me I tried Physiotherapy, pain medications, mindfulness, acupuncture, pacing, diet, chiropractor, meditation, sleep apps, the list goes on.

From becoming unwell with Fibromyalgia and ME, it took about 6 months for me to lose my job through ill health, the pain was unbearable (constantly pain levels 7 to 8).  I became so anxious I could not leave the house and I became a shell of my former self. 


I could not walk more than a few meters without crutches.  Wearing clothing was painful, a duvet was too heavy and painful, anything rubbing or in constant contact with my body was painful.  Eventually I was registered disabled, and life had little meaning.

Each day consisted of taking 40 tablets to try and manage the symptoms.  I also wore a Morphine patch.  This went on for a few years and I was exhausted mentally, physically, and emotionally.

invisible disability at Arc Wellbeing

"I felt resigned to the scrap heap of life, a liability, a burden, worthless and with no possible future."

pain after Physiokey Treatments
fibro pain before physiokey treatments

Physiokey treatments rapidly changed these feelings. In a short time, I could walk better, I could sleep and feel rested.  I could think with more clarity. 


My mood improved as the anxiety and depression dissipated.  Movement became easier, the pain and fatigue reduced, and a future started to unfold.

I was able to come off the medication I had been on for years and not have to wear the morphine patch.  It was a triumphant day when I became medication free.

The diagrams show the significant reduction in pain after treatments.

before physiokey treatments

after physiokey treatments

diagrams captured on catch my pain.

When I started getting better both the Director and Senior Trainer of The Physiokey Training Institute of the UK* invited me to to become a Physiokey Practitioner. I felt I had a choice to make.  I could go back to my “old life” or I could strive to improve not only my own situation but others too.  The decision was an easy one to make. 


I set about studying all the qualifications set out by those who invited me to become a practitioner as I wanted to help others like me.

It was not been an easy road to take, I had not been in the education system for decades and to be honest, I was concerned I would not make it, bit I did and that was just the start of an incredible journey.

The NHS did all they could to help me, I had a team of specialists looking after me from my GP to a pain relief specialist Doctor, nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists, and health workers.  I cannot thank them enough for their support and help, but it took a simple little device (Physiokey), some determination and patience to get me better. 

Having been through a difficult time changes you and I defy anyone to say otherwise.  Being and remaining optimistic for a better tomorrow is a challenge.  Understanding the subtle nuisances of dealing with a chronic condition and how they make a devastating change to your daily life has helped me understand my clients. 

I would not change this journey one little bit and I hope you will fully understand and appreciate why I love what I do, helping others overcome major debilitating obstacles such as chronic health conditions is rewarding.

Certificate of Advanced Physiokey specialist training
Certificate of Advanced Level Physiokey training

*The Physiokey Training Institute of the UK has been registered in respect of class 41:UK00003144142 Adult Education Services relating to medicine.

Since initially passing the required qualifications set out by The Physiokey Training Institute of the UK I have continually advanced my knowledge and understanding of how to best use Physiokey by attending training courses provided by The Physiokey Institute of the UK, or the Senior Trainer associated with them.

I cannot thank Debra and Raymond enough for their kind invitation to become a Physiokey Practitioner, the journey has been immensely satisfying for my own personal development, understanding of chronic conditions and to be able to help others.