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1st day of 30! Movement-fitness challenge

Today was the first day of my 30-day movement-fitness challenge and I don’t mind telling you I did not want to do it!

I’m shattered.

Last week I had a great holiday down in Cornwall, did far too much eating and drinking and the last thing I wanted to do today was go to the gym.

One reason for sharing this adventure (not sure that’s the right term to use) was to give me the motivation to make the effort, and it has worked. I think I would have put it off until another day if I had not shared.

Can you remember the way he took tiny dolly-steps and waddled.... that'show I walk!

I joined Snap Fitness in Woolston 8 days before going on holiday and managed to go 6 of those days. I concentrated on cardio, specifically working on my legs and how my foot placement works along with establishing my left leg is weaker than the right by quite a lot. I also focused on my stride length as I was taking “dolly steps” and walking like the famous Belgium detective Poirot! Not a great look I know.

I’m pleased to say that even after just 6 visits to the gym I could tell the difference while on holiday.

I set myself a challenge to walk from St Minver to Rock, catch the ferry to Padstow and then walk back the same way. Its about 5.5miles in total, some of which was across fields of cows who can be a little aggressive at times!

I met the challenge head on and completed it… YAY. Even my other half was impressed with the time it took and my speed.

Anyhow, back to today! I focused again on my legs and cardio with a little bit on the wobbly tummy…. It was a struggle to start with but once a little while had passed I started to enjoy myself.

1 day down another 29 to go!

If you are following this blog, please don’t worry about me updating you each day. I will be doing summaries of my progress every few days.

When I was leaving the 1st floor of the gym I saw a sign on the wall.

It was thought provoking and with a little adaption could inspire anyone in a similar situation as myself.

"the strength I have defines who I am"

Hugs to you all


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