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A hard but rewarding week!

Day 5

I have been all over the place this week with Fibro fog and have missed many appointments and meetings it’s ridiculous.

Today I had several clients that over ran and a meeting that took much longer than anticipated. That mixed in with being fatigued did not do me any favours, so something had to give, the gym session!

My last client of the day was a new person, recently diagnosed with M.E and Fibromyalgia. They wanted to have a treatment and a chat about how I manage the symptoms. I booked a double appointment.

The reason for mentioning this is because our circumstances are very similar. He was a very fit agile man, always out and about, gym goer and had a very physical job.

Both he and his wife asked loads of questions and we related very well to each other. One question was, “do you go to the gym?”. I began to explain my 30-day movement-fitness challenge and related back to what I used to do as a fully functioning person and what I can do now. I found myself opening up in a way I have not done so with clients. A few times I had to fight back the emotions and tears (I do not cry).

It was a massive surprise to me and to them. Anyhow, he related to the feeling of frustration and resentment from having an invisible, misunderstood and painful chronic condition.

Day 6

Back on it today like a rat on cheese!

Popped along and did a 25-minute cardio workout on the Skill mill (aka the beast). Sweated like a sweaty thing sweating… not at all attractive but I was chuffed.

Got my body moving… yay

As I have mentioned before, my left leg is weaker than the right, so I spent a few minutes just using my left leg on the skill mill. It was a killer but a great way to get my lower body in balance.

I need to continually work on this to improve the left leg strength over time.

Left the gym feeling like I had achieved something today.

Day 7

A bit of an odd day today. Didn’t feel like it flowed very well. I started off on the Skill mill and moved to another grim machine which I am sure would have been used in medieval times for torture but is now all the trend in a workout session. I’m not sure what it’s called but it moves your lower body laterally while peddling like on a cross trainer.

Well, what can I say! It killed. 3 minutes later and I was done. That was enough for now… will have to go back to it at some point.

The Cross-trainer used to be my favourite cardio machine when I used to go to the gym, I loved it, one of many goals is to fall in love with this new machine.

I ended up on a lovely bike instead, for a gentler workout and worked my hips and legs a treat.

Treatment with Physiokey along spine

After a week of exercise my body was in pain, a combination of Fibro pain and workout aches. I felt shattered and a little bit broken. I knew that tomorrow would be even harder, so I had an intense Physiokey treatment.

Within minutes I was asleep while having my treatment. My body had totally relaxed, which was amazing. After the treatment I felt great. The fibro pain and gym aches had substantially reduced, and I felt so much better. I love the Physiokey device. It knows exactly what the body needs.

Day 8

After the Physiokey treatment last night the fibro fog has lifted, I feel so much more alert and centred. The fibro pain has still reduced, and I am generally feeling so much better. YAY, I'm very happy.

My workout session today was all about upper body.

I worked specifically on shoulders, back and arms. Isolating these areas with low weights I was able to focus on posture and movement. Slowly moving the weights in a smooth rhythmic manor enabled me to really concentrate on ensuring my core was tight and the movement was purposeful.

The workout was a bit of a boost to my confidence.

Confidence in my body is something I have not had for a while. It is a bit like having an old car, you love it but are never quite sure if you will make it to your destination before it breaks down or gives up. I’m sure many people with ME and Fibro can relate to that.

When I was leaving the Gym, Bradley and Aubrey (part of the team at the gym) asked me what I was working on today and how it went. I told them what I had been doing and said I had a Physiokey treatment last night as the Fibro pain was getting worse, but I could handle the gym pain. Both asked how I could tell the difference between the two pains. This was my answer:

Fibromyalgia pain is a deep pain, it is constant and can be all consuming. It is continuous and at times increases but rarely gets better of its own accord.
Gym pain is a light surface pain felt where I have worked out. It is tolerable because I know I have made it happen through working out and I know it will go away.
Gym pain can become Fibro pain if I work out the same muscles each day and after a short period of time the body stops responding to the new gym pain messages and that’s when the gym pain can become an addition to the Fibro pain, as the brain stops listening to the messages and in turns stops healing the area, such as it does with Fibro.

I think they both understood what I was saying, and I think they were surprised by the differences in pain. I must admit, before Fibro I thought all pain was the same, something hurt and that was it.

It been 8 days now, so almost a third of my way through this challenge and I am so pleased with what I am achieving. At Snap Fitness you can download all your activity to your phone via an app. This is what has been done over the last 8 days....

Not sure I have captured my cycling properly!

Big hugs

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