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fatigue and being pig-headed!

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Day 15

It was a challenge at the gym today, however, I managed to sum up the courage to go on piece of equipment I HATE with so much passion.


My back had been aching during the morning and after a workout on the treadmill and skill mill, I decided to brave the rower…

I really enjoyed it! I was so surprised and managed to row a just under 5k. WOWZER.

Movement and strength are becoming easier and I am enjoying the challenges, however I am concerned about the weather getting hotter and humid. Changes in temperature play havoc with the fibro and especially fatigue.

DAY 16

After completing so much cardio yesterday I thought I would focus on the weights and work my arms and upper back. I was not long in the gym but managed to complete my training circuit of Abdominal crunches, Arm extensions, arm curls, and a low row. I even went as far as doing extra lighter weights on my left arm to build that up to the same level as my right.

It is becoming more and more apparent I am right side dominant, and the left really needs extra work. I would have had no idea about that if I had not started working out. It is something I will continually focus on until I feel there is a left and right balance.

Day 17

Continuing the theme of upper body work out from yesterday I worked on abdominal crunches, Chest press, Pecs, shoulder press and the skill mill for an extra lower body boost.

The fatigue is starting to kick in with the weather getting hotter and humid. I’m pleased with what I am doing at the gym, but it is becoming harder due to fatigue.

If you have never experienced fatigue before it is very hard to describe. The easiest way for me to describe it is, picking up a glass of water can be a nightmare, just the simple movement of reaching your arm to pick it up leaves you feeling drained of all energy.

Fatigue should never be confused with being tired, they feel so vastly different.

Normally when the weather is this hot and humid I find doing anything leaves me flat and broken through fatigue, but I am glad to say it is at a manageable level so far but it does have a habit of just creeping up on me, like a ninja in the night.

Day 18

It is hot, really hot and my energy levels are low.

The fatigue is getting ready to pounce but I will carry on regardless for now. I've decided not to go to the gym, but instead spend time cleaning my car. I know that sounds like a cop-out, but my rationale is, hoovering, upholstery cleaning with a carpet cleaner, washing and waxing will give me a great workout and I will be stretching and bending.

I waited for the sun to move off the drive, so it was cooler and had more shade. 2 hours I spent cleaning the car and I am chuffed with the result.

Clara the Copen is my little go-kart which I love as she is so much fun.

I was dripping wet with sweat after I had finished but felt fabulous.

Normally it would take me so much longer so I am pleased I was able to do the job in the 2 hours.

Day 19

Sadly, I had to make a judgement call today.

Do I exercise or do I work? The latter won as I had clients booked in.

The fatigue is well and truly kicking in and I am totally gutted that I could not go to the gym today. Instead if being my normal pig-headed self I have had to take my own advice and chillax as much as I could today just to be able to see my clients. Also, I want to make every effort to be able to get to the gym tomorrow, which will be day 20!

Day 20

I have spent all morning moving from one sofa to the other.

The fatigue has a grip and I am useless. Even thinking has made me totally shattered. I am supposed to be going to a BBQ later and my plan was to go to the gym, spend a few hours relaxing and then make my way to the BBQ.

Plans never run smooth. I’m particularly gutted about not going to the gym today as it would have been 2 thirds of the way through and I missed the gym yesterday.

I will add the two day on, so my 20th day will be on Tuesday.

There is something I am pleased about though, the fatigue with such a dramatic weather change and humidity normally kicks in almost immediately. We have had hot and humid weather for 4 days and it’s only on the 4th day I have really suffered. In my books that is a huge improvement.

Big hugs

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