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OMG, Ive started to enjoy myself!

Day 9

Today was cardio and leg day! I really enjoyed it and I honestly feel like I am turning a corner. I cannot believe its 9 days so far!

My mindset seems to have changed. Last week was horrible dealing with the fibro fog, lack of sleep generally feeling terrible to now just thinking I need to get on and do this. I’m not filled with dread when getting ready to go to the gym.

Thinking about it, so many days have now passed I feel like it is becoming part of my routine, so it’s just another part of my day.

I also think and to be honest, this has a great deal to do with being so dedicated, is the welcome and support I get from the team at Snap Fitness in Woolston. I have attempted to join gyms in the past but never enjoyed going as they were like vacant warehouses full of equipment but had no soul or sparkle. Snap Fitness has been a breath of fresh air, and the encouragement is very much appreciated from the team there.

A milestone is heading my way tomorrow…. 10th day!

Day 10

WOW… I’m third of the way to my goal. I was so excited about going to the gym today, just so I can say I have completed 10 days…. YAY.

Today was all about upper body, focusing on shoulders and chest.

Using light weights, moving slowly and with purpose I can feel the muscles doing what they are supposed to do. I have not got to the stage where I can increase any of the weights yet as my body is still becoming accustomed to moving in a way it has not moved for many years.

I was on a chest press and there was a man having a personal training session and really going for it, which was wonderful to watch. It gave me some great ideas of what I could try in the future. At one stage they used some equipment near me, and I was surprised that I did not feel intimidated. The guy working out was clearly being pushed to his limits and the look on his face said it all.

He kept glancing over between reps and giving me that “please help me” look. It was lovely feeling the comradery of two people with separate goals pushing their limits.

I can tell my body is improving in strength and stamina, especially my legs. I had to go to the post office today which is just under a mile there and back. When I have walked there in the past, I really struggle with a slight but long incline and it leaves me breathless and really aching. I also normally plan what shops I will pop in to break up the walk, so I can rest for a few minutes before getting to the post office.

Today I did the while walk, with purpose and long strides without getting breathless or feeling tired. I had no need to pop into any shops just for a rest either. Another VICTORY.

Day 11

I’m still on a high from completing 10 days…. The momentum to achieve the goal is building and I find myself thinking about what I can do at the gym tomorrow!

Walking was on the agenda today. After the walk to the post office yesterday it has given me renewed optimism that I will walk better day by day.

I spent 25 minutes on the treadmill and averaged 5.4kmph… Very pleased with that.

As I had little time today this is all I have done, but I am very pleased with it and have not felt the aches and pains I normally get after exercise… I hope I have not spoken too soon.

Big hugs

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