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Too much alcohol = Fibro Flare

Day 12

This morning I was stood next to my other half when I was saying goodbye for him to go off to work and I suddenly said, “you look shorter”.

He stood up straight and we were almost the same height… that has not happened in years. He replied… “you aren’t so stooped anymore; the gym is really helping your posture and your eyes look so much brighter

WOWZER… A COMPLIMENT, they do not happen that often.

It’s so encouraging to hear feedback; little things are starting to change. He also went on to say that I seem happier, well, I almost feel down on the spot! Another compliment…. More reason to keep going to the gym, I think!

Day 13

Today was something a little different… my other half joined me at the gym as he became a member during the week.

It has been many years since we went to the gym together and it was lovely. We used to go to the gym together at least 3 or 4 times a week before I became ill.

We both focused on cardio and legs. Working out with someone was wonderful, giving each other a boost when needed, and commenting on posture, ensuring we were getting the best out of our efforts.

I really appreciated the extra support as last night we popped out for a quiet drink and something to eat… these things have a habit of escalating and 4 bottles of wine later I was very squiffy.

To say the gym was a challenge was an understatement, so the extra boost of working out with someone really helped.

Day 14

After the copious amounts of alcohol, the gym workout yesterday and some poor food choices I am not feeling at all good today.

The fibro has flared up, which is common if I drink too much and eat too much sugar.

I’m not sure if anyone else has found this, but if I eat too much sugar the Fibro is a nightmare. I’ve tested the theory on myself. Ive gone days without added sugar and then had a piece of cake maybe some chocolate and sure enough the fibro flares up.

I didn’t drink alcohol for 3 plus years as the medications I was on didn’t react well to it. I now only drink wine and sometimes vodka and orange, never coke or carbonated mixers as the sugar is far too much.

Anyhow, today I decided to give the gym a miss but spent 3 hours doing gardening.

I had a physiokey treatment first thing this morning so I could get on with the day and undo the harm I had caused by drinking too much!

Stretching, bending, lifting, racking, trimming, tidying etc for 3 hours was a great workout and I’m pleased to say, what I achieved in that time would normally take me a whole day.

I found I had mare strength in my hands, my grip was stronger, movement easier, speed quicker… I can only assume it is because of the workouts in the gym.

Normally it takes about 3 months to see a difference when going to the gym. I guess that’s because people tend to go an average of 3 times a week.

The 14 days I have done would equate to nearly 5 weeks in the gym, so I am not too surprised I am seeing changes now.

Big hugs

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