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Upping my game

Today I popped to the gym and it was one of those days where it just all clicks into place... yay.

I smashed my previous efforts on the treadmill and raised the bar!

Winning the battle to end the war!

I'm currently working on trying to improve the length of my stride.

When I was registered as disabled my stride length was about 30 to 40cm! The average stride length for a man is 78cm.

My left leg is significantly weaker than the right so I'm trying to get that more balanced.

Taking a slow walk to warm up and then intermittently changing speed up to a slow run was fab. I've not run for over 5 years or so. The slow run was approx. 1.5 minutes but I did it twice.

The 30 day movement-fitness challenge starts on 8th July as I am away until then, so I'm making use of my time until the start to get used to moving again.

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