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Updated: Jun 26, 2019

A big friendly welcome to my new #blog. It has been quite a few years since I last blogged so please be gentle as I may make some fundamental mistakes!

If you are reading this I assume you are or you know someone who is suffering from #Fibromyalgia and #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis (M.E.) I can confirm, they are a nightmare BUT that is not the "be all and end all" of the story.

I hope this journey I am about to share helps others, I also hope to learn from those who also decide to share in return.

I don't want to bog you down with the nitty-gritty straight away so I hope my journey with #Fibro and M.E. unfolds in a more digestible way as I move forward in my next challenge!

Challenge I hear you say.... YES, my next challenge is....

My mad Fibro 30 day movement-fitness challenge

The fear of doing something that may flare up the symptoms, until now, has been keeping me captive and something must change for me to move forward.

Having worked in the gym industry many years ago and previously having a very active lifestyle I really hope this works.

I joined #SnapFitness, Southampton, Woolston last Wednesday (19th June) and have been everyday apart from one, as I was feeling so ill (chest infection!).

Controlling the anxiety to leave the house and go each day is becoming less time consuming and I hope will improve further with each time I go.

#Fibro has eaten away at my #confidence, #cognitiveability and #physical endurance. While huge improvements have been made by using the #Physiokey device and the pain has dramatically been reduced and I am able to live a reasonably normal life, however, Fibro and ME rear their ugly heads.

#Costochondritis (sever pain in the ribs), regular chest congestion and #infections, #fatigue, lack of concentration, short term memory impairment, #fibrofog and my old nemesis unable to speak properly all contribute to generally feeling low and having little regard for one’s self. That may have come as a surprise to some that know me, but part of this journey is confronting truth with harm to none.

My plan is to feel up-lifted through exercise… I know this works, it did pre-Fibro and ME.

I also hope this will help me manage the asthma and depression I have suffered from for over 20 years.

It’s simple, gentle exercise everyday building up movement and strength. Nothing complicated or extreme. Little steps.

While it’s early days of going to the gym and I am feeling very optimistic about the journey ahead, I am also realistic, and I already have doubts that I will keep this up. In a bid to make myself go to the gym I am going to start a 30-day movement/exercise challenge!!!

The challenge will focus on functional movement and progress as and when appropriate.

I have given myself rules, these are:

- A minimum of 20 minutes continuous exercise per day

- If the Fibro or ME flare up to a level I am unable to function, I will have to do double the exercise at the next opportunity. (this is not a get out clause)

Wish me luck.

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