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Why a 30-day movement-fitness challenge?

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

It’s a very good question.

For those of you who know me, you know the journey I have been on for the last 6 to 7 years. Its been a life changing experience and one that I would not have taken voluntarily, however, I believe we must make the best of what we get in life.

3 years ago, I was lucky enough to try a new treatment called #Physiokey, it was so amazing I was able to walk without crutches, speak better, reduce the pain and within 5 to 6 weeks was nearly off all pain medication.

Over the 3 years I have studied and become a specialist in #painrelieftherapy and use the #physiokey treatments to help others. It was another life changing experience.

Overwhelming Pain before Physiokey Treatments

All that said, I feel I need to do more. I need to move and get fitter to enhance my life further.

I used to work in the gym industry, train daily, learnt the trapeze, used to work out with footballers and boxers, run, do fitness challenges and cycle 38 miles to and from work etc.

I know I will not get back to that level of fitness, but I could get halfway close and that has got to be a good thing.

You might be thinking, “you can walk, go out, enjoy life so why bother”.

Pain directly after intense Physiokey treatments

Over the last 3 years, since the first #physiokeytreatments I have worked hard on building a reputable business and

focusing on what I am comfortably able to do.

I use the word comfortably on purpose as it’s become a negative to me.

Comfortable means “settling for”, “not pushing boundaries”, “giving up” “complacent

I want to strive to be the best I can, and I realise to do that something has to change.

I still must balance the #fibro and #ME in everything I do. If I go out one night how long will it take to bounce back?, if I go for a walk will I be able to get home if I go to far?… its all about the pay back.

Realising I have become “comfortable” with this makes me sad and I want to push the boundaries of what is achievable, take back more control.

Like many who suffer with #Fibro, #ME, #Depression, #Anxiety it is often the #fear that keeps us in our little box of “comfortableness” (not sure that is even a word).

I can tell the difference between feeling tired and #fatigued, they are very different.

I can feel the difference between being overwhelmed and feeling anxious.

I just don’t want to continually hide behind the excuses I have allowed myself to believe anymore. If the Fibro flares up, I want to know its because I have pushed myself to take back control. I own the Fibro and ME, it doesn’t own me.

A pain Psychologist I used to see helped me with the issue of medication and asked why I take it. My answer was, “because the doctor told me to”.

His next question was, “does it help stop the pain?” I simply answered “NO!”.

He asked his first questions again….

At that point the penny dropped, and I realised I had given away my responsibility for myself to another who was trying to help but had not stepped in my shoes so couldn’t fully appreciate the gravity of the situation.

This is a similar situation; I am taking responsibility for my health and I want to have continued better health moving forward. I can do this and hopefully encourage others to make small changes to better their own health.

Kicking Fibo & ME's Butt

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