Paul is fantastic at what he does. Physiokey 'talks' to the brain to turn on the natural painkilling and healing processes, speeding healing and soothing pain, as well as relieving muscle spasms and cramp as it did today for me. Highly recommended  



I came to Paul with neck and upper back tension leading to headaches when doing long distance running. I’ve frequented sports massages for years but only having temporary relief, Paul’s treatment has given me a longer lasting improvement as my last treatment was at the beginning of August!! Would highly recommend if you’re open to a different treatment and Paul’s professionalism is brilliant.



Can’t recommend enough I’ve been in pain for over 4 years with my lower back and sciatica had one treatment and can actually walk around today with minimal discomfort.
If you are suffering like I was it’s well worth the money and Paul is lovely he put me at ease and understood how my symptoms were making my life hell.


Amazing therapist, very professional and friendly. Smashing work and good outcome.


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I started seeing Paul over a year ago now for various pain issues and conditions and credit his treatment with a large part of my ongoing recovery. Paul is patient, ever helpful and supportive, professional and knowledgeable, and his treatment works. If you are thinking of seeing him for treatment I urge you to do so, I don't think you will be disappointed.


Paul is the loveliest, kindest and gentlest human being. He’s funny and compassionate and has helped me with 3 different things in the last year. My sciatica pain was huge and for me, just one treatment, was enough to make the pain stop xx highly recommended xx


Paul was so professional and knows so much about the body. He is always happy to help and responds very quickly. My treatments were so relaxing and I was made to feel at ease every step of the way. I would love to go everyday and you make the best cup of tea.
Thank you for everything Paul and we will catch up soon x


Paul is so down to earth.
He has such a calming influence and because he has suffered with different issues himself he can relate to what you are saying and more importantly understands.
The treatments are always carried out with professionalism and adapted to your needs.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Paul to anyone who feels they have exhausted all other avenues actually do yourself a favour and speak to Paul before you explore them!
Meeting Paul has without a word of a lie been a game changer for me and my M.E


I have been suffering from chronic head and back pain for years, I got so used to the pain I just consistently pushed past it and ignored it. Through word of mouth, by my mum, she told me all about what Paul offers and how it could benefit me immensely. A few weeks ago I had my first appointment which then followed on with 3 more, and right now (3/2/19) my back has honestly never felt so nimble and pain free! This feeling honestly feels so foreign to me, yet so amazing! I would recommend Paul’s treatments to anyone and everyone suffering! Thank you so much Paul ❤️


3 yrs of constant neck pain! After seeing Paul for 3 sessions I'm back up to 80% less pain. Don't think about it, book your sessions your never know! It works! Thanks Paul xx


Treatments are professionally carried out in a relaxing & comfortable treatment room. Really good experience and would thoroughly recommend to anyone.


I’ve had Lymphedema in my arm and armpit for a couple of months, have done the exercises and worn a compression sleeve as per the guidelines given by the Lymphedema clinic - no change in the amount of fluid in my arm - 1, yes 1 treatment with Paul and my right arm is almost the same size as my left. I am so impressed. I have a further 2 sessions booked to see if we can reduce it further. The pain has reduced significantly and movement is more free.
Thanks Paul


I am recovering from stage 4 pancreatitis and the removal of my gall bladder. I actually booked to see Paul as I have a very painful foot which interferes with my everyday life. To say I am stunned is an understatement. I have had 3 treatments now. I had water on the lungs and general discomfort from the gall bladder removal. My breathing is now brilliant and the discomfort of the op site has gone. Paul worked on my foot today at 10.30 am. Its now 8.30 pm an I have been on my feet all day.. pain free. I am just in awe of this treatment and of course Paul. I am so thankful to Paul. Please please please.. don't put up with any pains, niggles or cramps anymore.. Arc Wellbeing is jaw droppinly brilliant.