Each treatment is different and specifically tailored to meet your individual needs.  At times I combine treatments to enhance your outcome.

Once you are assessed an appropriate treatment or combination of treatments is taken.  The Physiokey is used directly on the skin and set at a comfortable level.  You will feel a tingly or prickly sensation as the Physiokey continually makes changes to the impulse you feel.

Each treatment uses the place of least resistance, called Key Points.  This is an area your body is most receptive to treatment and effects the most positive change.

Treatments aim to reduce your symptoms as quickly as possible.

All treatments are based on the here and now, what you are feeling at your appointment. 


You will be assessed throughout the treatment to gauge your response and changes will be made to the treatment if needed.​

Each treatment is individually tailored to meet your needs and no two treatments will be the same.  This is to ensure the body continually stays alert to the stimulation of the device and maximises your healing potential.

physiokey treatments

Pain relief treatment at Arc Wellbeing

Physiokey is the foundation of all treatments offered at Arc Wellbeing, however, I have found combining it with other approaches to maximise healing potential greatly beneficial to patients. 


At times I may use the Physiokey in conjunction with an Acupressure mat and cushion and/or the healing blanket.

At times I combine Physiokey treatments with acupressure mats and pillows, for example, I may ask you to lay on the acupressure mat, benefiting your back while I work on your stomach or feet.​

Acupressure mats are designed to produce similar results as acupressure massage.

Acupressure mats contain several hundred plastic points which apply pressure to many acupressure points in the back. The acupressure pillow can be used on the neck, head, hands, or feet.

acupressure mat & pillow

healing blanket

The healing blanket is woven from different metals and materials stopping all EMF frequencies from entering your space while wrapped in the blanket.

When in the blanket you will feel warm and protected as the blanket magnifies your own natural frequency.  This enables the body to relax and heal.  When used with the Physiokey patients have said it is an amazing experience leaving them feeling rejuvenated and ready for the world.

I use the healing blanket to help "amplify" the messages sent by Physiokey reducing recovery time and maximising your own natural healing potential.